The Premise of a New Project – SOUR PUSS! Get Involved!

I would like to first explain my use of the word ‘wordsmith’ that appears in the title of this site. This is related to this post so bare with me…I’m a scribbler as well as a doodler. The thing is I don’t want to call myself a ‘writer’ as that implies that I have a published book out there and I don’t. I’m a published poet but I don’t want to call myself a ‘poet’ either as that ties me in to poetry only and I’m not the type that likes to be pinned down to one thing or another. So I chose and old English word instead – ‘Wordsmith’. I like words and like to play with them too.

So that explained, I  wanted to share one of my most recent doodles.

This is ‘Sour Puss’.


I coloured him but he just looked better in black and white to me – colour made him softer somehow and that wasn’t the intention. I drew him with greeting cards in mind (and he may appear on them still on RedBubble at CDeDoodleDo) but the premise has evolved since then. As I’m a ‘Wordsmith’ and love to scribble (as I said earlier, there was a reason for the gabble, you see), I’m contemplating a witty art book now with my delightfully ‘sour puss’ creeping up in different situations or perhaps a book of different comical cats giving their opinions on life and ownership (all bitter and twisted of course). I just want to point out here that I LOVE cats. I love them but I know them and I actually like the fact that they are on a whole aloof, arrogant, self-serving fur balls – you have to respect feline power!

With this in mind, I need cats. I am a reference sketcher. This means I sketch from photographs in the first instance, even if it is just loosely and this is where you can GET INVOLVED with this project!

If you live with a particularly sour puss or even a rather gorgeous one with an attitude, then send me your pictures of them. If I use them as reference for drawings for the forthcoming project then I will send you a FREE print of the design that your cat feature in and also reference you and your pets name in the credits. You can send you photos to me via this blog by replying to this post or you can send them via my Facebook Page @ Claire-De-Doodle-Do by dropping me a little message. Just cats please!

This project may take some time, it cannot be rushed, but I will post updates here and if I chose your photo then I’ll be in touch.





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