It’s been a while…

After I know, I apologise but I’ve been busy! In fact I’ve been working through lots of styles and finally I think I’ve found my style. In the past I have always been a fine artist, if you like, producing work that is realistic or traditional.

Like this…



There’s nothing wrong with this of course, in fact this beautiful beast was a pleasure to sketch and I am quite proud of the end result. (In fact it is being employed now in my RedBubble store…more on that later).

Yet, even though this drawing and a few others led to a few paid commissions, I longed to be ‘looser’ in style. I found this really hard to do at first. So I started to experiment with different mediums and produced a few doodles, like this…


I posted this scribble on Instagram and Facebook and was very surprised that this got a far greater positive reaction than the leopard. For me though, it was just a scribble and not up to scratch.

After many more doodles and then finding myself returning to my beloved black ink pens, I turned to an art that has always intrigued me – tattoo flash. Clean lines but detailed too – an even balance that spoke to me. (By the way – I never had any intention of producing a real piece of tattoo flash as I know very little about the practice of tattoo preparation and would never pretend to.)

After a few runs at it I finally came up with this…

sphinx-masterAnd I love it!

I’m still working on it but I feel comfortable with this style and enjoy doing it and that’s what matters with art isn’t it – enjoyment in your work!

I’ve just set up a store on Redbubble and you can visit it at – I hope you will take a look and stay with me as I continue with my journey.

Thanks for reading!


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