Fine Art versus Illustration..

Work is progressing on my new piece which I can say is definitely a piece of illustration work rather than fine art. It’s great fun and heralds a new initiative in my artwork of combining my two great loves – art and word play. (Stay posted for details)

But after chatting with some cyber pals on Facebook, it occurred to me that there are a lot of different opinions on what separates an Illustratior from a Fine Artist and so I thought I might put my explanation out there.

Importantly, I would like to put to bed a myth that seems to be out there…the difference has nothing to do with a style of drawing. There seems to be (sadly) a strange preconception that a Fine Artist is somehow more talented than an illustrator and produces a higher quality piece of work…WRONG! All artists are equal in this. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful works of art in books and I’ve also seen beautiful works in art galleries…talent is talent, style is your own and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yet therein lies the simply answer. The thing that separates the Illustrator from the Fine Artist is this…

An illustratior produces a work to ACCOMPANY words, a story or a premise. They create a picture that ILLUSTRATES a story or action. Aka book plates, advertising slogans, funny cards etc.

A Fine Artist however creates a piece with no such premise. They create a piece that just is. It may be of any style aka conceptual, impressionist, abstract etc and it may indeed convey a message but that message is incorporated into the piece rather than a separate premise. Ton put it simply it is art for arts sake.

And that’s it. I would be honoured to have either of these monikers attached to me and because I plan to take a diversion in my work..I will in effect be both things and I’m glad to be so.

Have a great week everyone! Keep up the good work 🙂


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