Appreciation Post to all the Greetings Cards Makers out there…

Today I spent a morning trying to assemble a two layered shadow box card…I think that’s what they are called anyway 🙂 I had a great design idea in my head that involved a piece of my original artwork and some hand drawn illustrations that I drew yesterday. I wasn’t using the right card though but this is my attempt…

So, it’s not bad – the idea was sound and I’m not sure the frog stands out enough – but it was HARD! I swear that in the time it has taken me to (half) put this card together I could have drawn a portrait in hyper realistic detail!

I find that ‘crafters’ that make cards are often unappreciated and are not seen as artists but I’ve always believed that there ARE artists and not just that but PAPER ENGINEERS too. 

Some of these artists command the use of a scalpel as courageous as any painter, create mixed media collages as good or better than some conceptual artists and at the end of the day they do it for a few quid per artwork. 

I will not be giving up and will be making a fine art range of cards no matter how it takes me to master the range of techniques required to be classed as good. I will persevere with the craft knife even though I’ve already punctured veins and I will master the scissors if it kills me!



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