And here is the finished piece. ..

Here he is, my handsome wolf. I will be scanning him later today. Now I move on to another project…the greetings card.

I find in the art world that greetings card designers are often not seen as artists but ‘crafters’ but for me ALL design is art. I particularly have a love for pop up cards and books (I collect pop up books) and the paper engineering knowledge that goes into the construction and design of some handmade cards is simply staggering. So I’m going to give it a try using original artwork all the way. Stay posted for updates if you’re interested.

Just to add, I’m still accepting commissions for July for all artwork including Pet Portraits, so if you are interested then please get in touch via email at I accept paypal payments and would love to hear from you. A pet portrait makes a fabulous gift and with Christmas not too far away (I’s a scary thought) don’t leave it too late…thanks for reading 🐈🐕


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