Sketching with Indulgence. ..

Over the last few months, I have been working hard to create my portfolio for the pet portraits side of my work and it has been an enjoyable journey but also a bit of a learning curve too.

When in was younger I used to draw all of the time and I studied art to a high academic level too, but as life took over and my daughter came along, drawing got pushed aside. So when I came back to art recently,  I had in some ways to relearn techniques all over again. Practice makes perfect…although being an uncompromising perfectionist this means I’ll be practicing into the afterlife 🙂 I feel now that I am getting back to he skill level that I was once at and so now I’ve decided to indulge myself.

One of my favourite animals on this planet has to be the Canine King…the Wolf. So, I am going to give drawing a beautiful male Grey Wolf ago. I started the sketching…I hope now that I can do this beast justice!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you will follow the blog for updates and look forward to meeting you here in cyberspace fellow artists and art lovers!


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