Hello There!

My name is Claire E Cruddas and I am an artist\illustrator and wordsmith from the North East of England.

I have been scribbling words and creating doodles since I was old enough to hold a pencil. For many years writing and art have played separate roles in my life but I’ve now found a way to bring the two together through illustration.

My designs are often witty, mostly quirky but occasionally traditional in style as my influences a wide ranging Рfrom comic strip genius of Gary Larson and Bill Waterson to the awesome talent of tattooists and then all the way back to the traditional Old Masters of Art.

I sell my designs on a range of products via RedBubble and you can visit my store now at http://www.redbubble.com/people/cdedoodledo.

I do also consider commissions for illustration work for writers, crafters and businesses and so if this is a service that you need then please just drop me an email at artbyclaire@virginmedia.com and let’s talk!

I truly look forward to connecting with you and thank you for visiting!